Current Fees and Code of Conduct

Code of Conduct

Calisthenics ACT Levy (non refundable)

$95.00 per participant

Current Class Fees – (TBA for 2024)

Tinies –                        $580.00 (3 instalments of $193.33)

Sub-Juniors –               $730.00 (3 instalments of $243.33)

Juniors –                       $730.00 (3 instalments of $243.33)

Intermediates –           $780.00 (3 instalments of $260.00

Seniors –                      $780.00 (3 instalments of $260.00)

Masters –                   TBC

Ballarat Deposit –   $300.00 (Sub-Junior/Junior/Intermediate/Senior) (non refundable after 31 July)

Instalment dates are 31 March, 31 May, 31 July and Ballarat final 30 September

Fees can be paid over 3 instalments as outlined above and a 10% discount* is available if full payment is received by 31 March in the current year. Sibling discount also applies if one or more from the same immediate family. There is also a one-off Equipment Fee of $40 for each participant in Sub-Junior and above, $5 for Tinies. This fee is to cover the cost of clubs and rod.

Participants will be expected to pay for any non-wear and tear breakages that occur to their equipment throughout the year.

For those taking part in the Solo/Duo competition, Intensive training weekend and the Ballarat competition, statements will be updated with the final cost of this as they come to hand.

The Treasurer can be contacted via email at if there are any questions in relation to fees.

*excludes Cali ACT Levy, Equipment Fee and Ballarat Fees.