Class Information – What to wear


Uniforms encourage discipline, are practical, prevent economic and social differences.
Uniform means it’s time to dance!

Dance attire, enables the coach to see all the pupils movement to ensure they are safely using their body as well as being able to assist the pupils in proper dance technique progression.

  • Plain black leotard with plain black leggings/bike shorts or the Evatt training uniform of shorts and dance singlet.
    In winter, a plain black stretchy wrap can be worn over the leotard.
  • Jackets/T-shirts/Fleece tops etc. need to be removed after warm up. The Evatt Polo shirt should not be worn for training.
  • Hair must be tied up and pulled back off the face for all classes,  preferably a bun.
  • No excess jewellery, especially wrist and neck.

Clubs, Rod and a white Aesthetic skirt must be brought to every class. If your clubs and rod are lost or damaged you will incur a replacement fee.

Water bottles should also be brought to every class, even in winter. Classes can be very strenuous and it is important to keep hydrated throughout class.

All team members should arrive at least 5 minutes before class is scheduled to start. This will ensure that they are able to warm up properly which will prevent injuries and will also enable the coaches to devote more time to actually teaching the class. All team members are expected to practice at home regularly, the skills and routines learnt in class.

Attendance and punctuality at every class is not only expected, but also a vital part of being a member at Evatt. This also extends to all extra practices, competitions, specialist coaching weekends, and the annual concert. If, for some reason, you cannot attend a class, you must inform your Team Manager or Coach as soon as possible.

Teams are selected in each age group early in the year. The coaches endeavour to assess each individual’s skill level and experience and place them in a team that will ensure their skills and confidence are further developed. Different teams learn different routines that take the ability and skill level of the participants into account.

Classes are run throughout each school term (4th term reduced) and towards competition times there may be extra classes scheduled. It is important that each team member attends all classes as routines are learnt and then detailed. If a team member is absent this means that the whole lesson will need to be repeated.

Should you have any questions or concerns about your daughter’s class please contact the Team Manager in the first instance.