Calisthenics is a truly unique dance sport that combines the best parts of Jazz, Ballet, Musical Theatre, Singing and Gymnastics. At Evatt Calisthenics, we are lovers of all things dance, development, music and performing.

Our classes are a safe, fun and encouraging space to support our performers to learn new skills, express their creative side and grow into confident performers. We would love to have your pre-schooler join us!

In 2024, we are pleased to offer a dedicated Tinies team for 3 to 5 year olds. Classes are held weekly on a Saturday from 10:00am to 11:00am at Weetangera Primary School, 71 Southwell Street, Weetangera ACT 2614

Calisthenics involves a team of participants learning routines choreographed to music and presenting these routines on stage at competitions or concerts. Our Tinies teams compete in three local competitions per year. For each competition, our Tinies learn four items per year including Free Exercises, Rods, Aesthetic and Character Dance - you can learn more about our Tinies classes below.

We offer two obligation free trial classes for your participant to see what Calisthenics is all about!

Free Exercises

Free Exercises is a series of strong movements, correct in technique, involving levels of flexibility, strength, control and uniformity. Our Tinies routines evolve with our participants as they progress through their calisthenic journey - Free Exercises will evolve through imaginative choreography and varied movements (eg. backbends, walkovers, leg mounts, splits, cartwheels etc.) to demonstrate the physical capabilities of the performers.


Rod Exercises uses an apparatus that is made of aluminium and is approximately 5-10mm in diameter.  The manipulation of this simple piece of equipment demonstrates the high levels of coordination.  Whilst the rod itself is the focal point, the use of the body and legs are incorporated into the sets of exercises.


The Aesthetic routine is most similar to ballet or lyrical jazz routines, with flowing skirts and graceful movements - our Tinies learn to tell a story. Facial expression is also promoted and encouraged to better convey the story through the dance.

Character Dance

Creativity and entertainment are the keys to this item - Character Dance tells a story via song, dance, mime and acting. Items are often complex and can represent mini-productions.  This item combines many aspects of calisthenics such as singing, dancing, acting and clever costuming all designed to entertain the audience. All movements and music are chosen in pertinence to the chosen theme.

Outside of their routines...

While your child is having fun, they will be developing:

  • Musical appreciation & rhythm
  • Social and cognitive skills
  • Fine and gross motor skills
  • Coordination, flexibility & core strength
  • Age specific performance skills

Registrations are now open for 2024!